Since the Merry season is just around the corner and like everyone you also want your house to get into the Holiday season, we’ve prepared this article specially for you so that you don’t have to run around doing errands the last minute! Linly Designs, one of the top interior décor stores of Chicago, is the best in the game when it comes to Christmas decorations. Their pieces speak for themselves and each piece is designed intricately to perfection. Get your guests amazed with Linly’s one of it’s kind holiday gift boxes, table runners and other Christmas decorations.

The Linly Designs Annual Open House showroom is the most anticipated event of the season, where the showroom is completely transformed overnight by their design team into a breathtakingly beautiful Winter Wonderland. The public awaits the reveal of the showroom every year eagerly. Preparations begin as early in January and the décor team works hard throughout the year brainstorming ideas and creating remarkably unique showpieces to see their dream come into action at the end of each year. The showroom is filled with all things Christmas from table runners to ornaments and every other accessory. There are many trees each designed in it’s own way according to it’s designated theme. Customer’s can either purchase the trees as a whole and take it with them aswell as purchase off ribbons, ornaments and other accessories off of the tree or anything that is up for sale in the room.

Confused what Christmas decorations to do to get your home into the Holiday spirits? One can never go wrong with fresh natural foliage! Whether it’s draped along your fireplace or draped around your staircase, place it anywhere and it will work it’s charm. You can adorn your entrance steps with frosted tree branches and oversized ornaments with garlands draping around besides the staircase railings. Top it up with matching swags on your door to welcome your guests with that Holiday cheer! With the help of the professional Floral Designer at Linly Designs, you need not be confused with what type of floral arrangements to go for this holiday season! Their floral designer will help assist you in choosing the perfect garlands and floral arrangements that will compliment your home’s accent aswell as match your style and give a touch of personal to your décor. You can choose from a variety of colours, stems and ribbons, all will be done according to your preferabilities.

Linly Designs are known for creating magical trees. Mesmerize your guests this holiday season with their designer Christmas tree topper that will leave your tree completely exquisite than the rest. The team will help you find an inspiration and design a tree as per your desires, by assisting you in choosing stems, flowers, ribbons all by your choice. Another way to showcase your holiday spirits both inside and outside your house is by making use of your windows. You can place garlands around yours windos with matching wreaths hanging from them or you can also place your Christmas tree near the window that is facing the street so that not only your guests but those passingby your house can also have a glimpse of all your holiday preparations! You can also opt for draping lush green garlands around your kitchen windows to enhance the holiday cheer of your home. Other than that, one can never miss the classic stockings hanging from the fireplace! At Linly designs you can find beautiful stocking pieces. For a more dramatic effect, you can also hang big, jeweled ornaments from your windows or use ribbons and oversized bows to hang them.